About Viemère


Viemère started off as a personal frustration.  Having operated her own image consulting & wardrobe styling company for over 11 years, Joyce’s biggest frustration came from trying to dress her own baby bump.  She was appalled at the lack of options and the inflated prices for pregnancy clothes.  Your style shouldn’t change when you’re pregnant, she thought.  The clothes should work for you.  So she made do.  Joyce refused to look like a "frumpy, suburban mom with 10 kids" and shopped at regular stores using her skillful eye to find clothing that would work for her changing body. 

Then, after a life changing text message, she realized all her friends were experiencing the same thing.  Pitching the idea of an innovative maternity store to a previous mentor, Joyce pushed her idea into reality.  After interviewing over 80 pregnant women and a few pivots later, she discovered that women across Canada were sharing the same sad stories when it came to maternity shopping. 

To solve this problem, Joyce launched a curated online clothing store for pregnant professional women using stylish, non-maternity clothes. The majority of the clothing is sourced from L.A or proudly Canadian.  It was very important to her to have tight timelines (pregnant women can't wait!) and high quality products, so she chose to stay within North America for better inventory control.  And also L.A has a sweet spot in her heart.  After 22 months of breastfeeding, she decided to turn that sad end of her journey by celebrating with a mom's getaway to L.A with her BFF. She shopped 'til she dropped (literally, sun burned and all from shopping the entire week) and wanted to bring the beautiful, laid back, effortless styles to women who wanted to look put together without looking like she's 'trying too hard'. 

In addition, Joyce was tired of seeing models with fake bellies modelling to real pregnant women who swell, grow and glow.  To honour and acknowledge the sacrifices and hard work all moms experience, Joyce decided to feature local pregnant women to showcase her collection.  And to her absolute surprise, within 2 weeks of launching Viemère, Joyce found out she was pregnant! Having gone through it all again (and modelling her own clothes) her vision for Viemère remained the same.  Simple, stylish clothing that works for the office and can translate to weekend plans.  Clothes that make you feel great even when the aches & pains and reality of pregnancy sometimes aren't!