3 Absolute Must-Haves for the New Mom

There are tons of lists out there about the must-haves for your newborn baby. I didn’t even bother with my second. Because I know from experience that all you really need is a bassinet and your boobs. Everything else – you can probably do without. So out comes my little guy and lo and behold…a completely different baby. Everything you thought you knew, doesn’t really help. But what I did find was stuff that worked for my second that I really did wish I had the first time around. Crossed referenced with other mamas, here’s my top 3 must-haves:

1)The Magic Swaddle

My first son jail broke out of the swaddle like nobody’s business. My second did the same. Except he wanted to be nice and snuggly and wrapped up tight. I tried doubling up with different size receiving blankets. But one squirm and my burrito fell apart. And then we were gifted the Magic Swaddle. It worked like a charm. There was no escaping. Super easy to use with no velcros (which would wake up sleeping baby). My son loved being so warm and bundled up that we could not live without it. No kidding. I should have bought 10 of those and we wouldn’t have to be on laundry stand-by waiting for it to be ready.

2) Milkies Milk-Saver

For my first baby I wish I had known about this. I must have gone through 2 dozen breast pads a day. I felt so guilty wasting my “liquid gold” in these soaked through pads. For my second, I wanted to save every drop. Without the need to pump, I passively collected a freezer full of breast milk just by collecting the let down on the non-nursing side. Absolutely loved this! It was easy to use, dishwasher friendly and it became an effortless part of my breastfeeding routine.

3) Nivea tinted shimmer lip balm stick

By the time my one month jail time was up (Chinese moms, you know what I’m talking about. Another blog post for another time!), I couldn’t stand how tired and gross I looked. Yes, I would put on some foundation, blush and eye liner. But there were times when a simple walk outside the house with a hat on, needed some life on my face. All without doing the full meal deal. I didn’t want lipstick lipstick. Too much colour (on a non-done up face looks weird IMO), and I also didn’t want to smother my kids with that stuff when I went in for those kiss attacks. I wanted an easy lip colour, sheer and moisturizing that didn’t cost me $25. And then I found it. Nivea lip balm. Some days, I feel like strawberries for a soft hint of colour. Or cherries for more of a punchier colour especially for the 'no sleep' nights. For less than $3, yes, I bought one for the car, baby carrier, stroller and all of my hoodies.