5 Secrets to Beating the Heat in Style

Summer is finally here. No one is complaining about gettin’ some sun.  Except…when you’re pregnant, irritated and hormonal – hot weather makes things so much worse. For the mama-to-be who feels like a sweaty whale, we’ve got the answer for you (we’re in the same boat sista).  Here are 5 secrets to a sweat-free summer:

1) Coconut all natural deodorant

We’ve actually lived through the horror of sweaty pits stains for baby #1.We’re not making that mistake again.Tried & true, we’ve discovered a local, all natural deodorant that works!

0 chemicals for baby + 100% clean & fresh = 1000% happy & confident mama-to-be:)

2) Comfy sandals

You’re heavier especially near the end of your pregnancy. Inevitably your feet are going to grow. And unfortunately swell under extreme heat.  But don’t sacrifice your sense of style! (Please...no Birks!) Get these easy to slide on sandals and free those ankles. See how our model rocked them with our coral maxi dress.

3)  Cotton pregnancy undies

No one tells you that things will get a little funky down there. Synthetic fabrics may feel soft and all lace may look hot but circulation is the answer my friend. Our little secret is low rise cotton panties that fit under the bump. Alternatively, nobody has ever regretted v-front maternity specific ones either.

4) Easy breezy breathable dress

You can go cheap and get a $15 non maternity dress that sags at the pits and sticks with sweat on your back. Or save yourself the trouble and take Viemere’s expertly curated all cotton, silk dress that you can wear everyday now and years after.  Dress it up with wedges & dramatic earrings for a summer wedding or flats & jean jacket for a casual weekend look.

5) Sleek hairtie

Leave the long luscious locks for an indoor air conditioned day. Wick away sweat by giving yourself an easy high ponytail. While you’re at it – give your baby girl a ponytail too and go for some sweet mommy & me twinning!