Behind the Scenes with blogger, Heydy Lopez

"A fierce mommy blogger and a helluva story to tell," is the introduction we got to Heydy Lopez.  We contacted her thinking there would be no way she would want to work with us.  Instead, she blew us away with her friendliness and seriously flawless smile.  Punctual and ready-to-go, Heydy rocked the photoshoot.  How did she learn to smeyes like that?? We took this opportunity to really go deep with Heydy and learn the real deal behind Raising Jay & Abel.   

V: It’s almost your 2nd year anniversary of your blog:, it’s amazing how far you’ve come. Over 20K followers – you’re a celebrity in so many ways! What do you contribute as your main source of success?

HLHahah! I definitely don't consider myself a celebrity. I’m thankful for each and every person that follows along. Being real and honest about my teen/young mom story has probably been the main source of success. People like to read about my motherhood woes and how I’ve overcome so much. Empowering other young mothers and/or mothers in general is really the driving force for me.

V: Everyone is probably dying to know and we just have to ask! Will you be changing the name of your blog with the arrival of your little one?

HL: I swear I get asked this question at least once a day :P As of right now, the blog name “Raising Jay & Abel” will stay the same - until further notice. Rebranding is in the stars for me, but I have to make sure the timing is right ;)

V: On your blog you mentioned you weren’t the happiest as a teenager. What was it like growing up? What have you learned?

HL: Hmm since I don’t want to bore you, I will give you the short and sweet answer. Before I had Jayden (at the age of 16), I had no purpose and no lust for life. Coming from a low income family, I was used to having “nothing”. After Jayden was born, things changed. I wanted to provide him with a better life, more than what I had. Fast forward 10 years later, I can proudly say that I am achieving that. Not only with Jayden but with Abel as well. I’ve learned the difference between living life and enjoying life. With every little thing, no matter how good or bad, I know I can come out the other end stronger than before.

V: If you could go back in time…would you change anything?

HL: Honestly, no, I wouldn’t change anything. My past has shaped me as a mother, a woman, and a friend. Take away my roots and I don’t know who I’d be.

V: With 3 kids, most moms just assume you’ve got it figured out. What is different about parenting this time around?

HL: I think those moms are insane! :) Truthfully, you never have it figured out. Even when you think you do, life throws you a curve ball and you either go with it or crash and burn. And to be honest, crashing and burning is a part of motherhood!

The third time around, I’m mentally ready. 10 years ago, I had no idea what I was in for. Two years ago, I thought I had it figured it out, but nope, I was wrong. This time, I’m ready for the challenge. If I go in there with what I “think” motherhood will look like, then I know it won’t work. I have to be prepared for all the little surprises motherhood has to offer.