​Tips on Hiding the Baby Bump

Today might just be 'one-of-those-days'. You’re really not in the mood to work that baby bump. If you have to hear another, “Oh the belly has grown!”. You might just have to hurl (oops...reference to the first trimester nausea!). So what if you want to take a break from all that unsolicited attention from strangers? Or you’re chairing this Friday’s board meeting? Here are 3 fool proof ways to hide your baby bump:

1)  Colour rules

It’s easy.

Dark colours absorb light and bright colours reflect light. Ah. Translation?

Wear light colours to draw attention and dark colours to hide.

The simplest way to achieve this is by wearing your favourite black dress with a bright or lighter coloured blazer on top. Eyes will be focused on your bright layering piece, automatically making your bump less noticeable.

Other tips: Finish your look with shoes that pop!

2)  Fit to flatter

Stretchy bodycon dresses are fantastic for showing off your new found curves. But on days like this – camouflage by choosing deliberately slouchy, effortless tops that skim gently over the bump. We’re not talking about stealing your SO’s hockey jersey. Think flowy elegant blouses that allows room for lunch.

Other tips: Spotlight your shoulders instead of your bump with halter tops or cold shoulder Ts!

3)  Play with accessories

Like that beautiful centerpiece at your BFF’s wedding last summer, draw people’s attention to where you want them to look. Whether it’s your neckline or your legs, pick a focal point. Play up the drama with a brightly printed infinity scarf or pick a dress with an interesting hemline. Goal? Eyes up and away from your midsection.

We put together your outfit for work tomorrow.  Whatcha think?